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November 08 2016


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July 30 2016

Look up

January 01 2016

Twenty Sixteen

October 11 2015


April 17 2015

July 03 2014

The Man Who Turned Paper Into Pixels

June 11 2014

Seeing Spaces

June 06 2014

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Bunte Klänge Visuals

April 05 2014


March 26 2014

This Is a Generic Brand Video

January 23 2014

January 22 2014

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Tim Loose - Voraginem (Original Mix)

January 21 2014

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Maintenance window June 6th, 01:00 - 08:00 CEST

I'll be doing a little bit of database maintenance, which means soup will be offline during that time.
I hope it won't take the full reserved window though ;)
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July update

Just so you know

  • In case you didn't notice, soup is faster. That's because of more and faster servers. And step by step, we're implementing a more reliable setup, which should result in way less outages.
  • We shouldn't lose any images anymore
  • Thanks to @mrud, you can create groups again. Yes, /groups takes it's sweet while to load, but it will load, and it will let you create a new group. @hairinmy should like this one...
  • A smalltime (XSS) security hole was fixed.
  • Some other stuff I don't remember.
There will be more. Next, we'll be working to fulfill twitters new application requirements (I'm not saying they are being anal about this, but they sure are being a pain in the backend), as well as on fixing the facebook login.
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Barbican x SEA – Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

Barbican x SEA   Exclusive Images

So SEA gave their website a refresh a week or so ago and that was met with a positive response from the design community (the old site was a little buggy) but today we’re not here to talk about their new site ;) . Instead I have some exclusive new shots of their Barbican work for you to enjoy. I also thought I’d mention that SEA are listening, so if you happen to detest this work and want to voice you’re opinion, your comment will only be approved if you have some substance to your criticism – it’s only fair ;)

Thanks again to both Alex and Danny @ SEA for the images and info.

‘SEA were asked to devise a visual identity system for Barbican membership. Through a softer visual approach, the work aims to define how people can contribute to the Barbican, in ways such as sponsorship, gift aid and membership. Membership packs, cards, booklets and posters are currently being rolled out over all tiers of membership.’

If you’re new here, don’t forget to Subscribe & follow SI on Twitter for your weekly dose of visual crack. Spreading the love via FFFFOUND! is also encouraged here. ;)

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